High School Musical 2

High School Musical 2

I need some new shoes! Do they make my ankles look fat? No, they look nice too. Gabriella felt her cheeks go red and furiously tried to calm herself down. Yes, we can go as soon as we pay for these! If you had made one more comment about your ankles I would have broken them! Sharpay had never really spoken to Gabriella but it was rumored that she had a big crush on Troy. She waited for her mom to shout back, then got into bed, closed her eyes and fell asleep… Troy and Gabriella were on a beach somewhere.

Is troy still dating gabriella

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Will troy and Gabriella still be dating in high school musical4? who the hell knows they are a off and on relashionship so they might and might not be. i don’t know maybe but i don’t think there fans like it very much so they might break up or something unless they are going to get married or something.

Is it unabashedly cheesy? But when you look beyond all the campiness and swoon-worthy teen romance, there’s real pathos there. At its core, “HSM” is about following your heart, so that’s why today Jan. Troyella was endgame, plain and simple. Well, as endgame as a high school relationship can be. But the chemistry between Troy and Sharpay was undeniable. To borrow a few words from my go-to prophet Taylor Swift, while the rest of the Wildcats lived their lives in black and white, Troy and Sharpay were in screaming color.

And we all know how much Sharpay liked to scream.

Troy and Gabriella- after HSM

He is a film student at New York University who is assigned by his mother to keep an eye on Sharpay while she’s in town, and immediately finds her interesting and decides to make her his filming subject of “A special story in New York”. He is the one who helps Sharpay locate a studio apartment, encourages her to pursue her dreams, adapt to her surroundings and reminds her of who she really is when she is about to lose herself.

Peyton becomes frustrated with her ignorance to Amber Lee’s ambitions, Boi and Countess’s newfound relationship and lack of time to spend with him. The two have an argument and Peyton drops her from his project until she apologizes to him the next day. After Amber Lee quit the show, Peyton shows the agents and producers a video of Sharpay’s secret rehearsal to prove that she can save the show.

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Troy and Gabriella Together 4ever

High School Musical Kelsi was a gifted songwriter and pianist she joined the theater to excel in her skill. Kelsi had written songs for plays that Sharpay and Ryan were performing. Due to her being shy some of the times, she becomes afraid of Sharpay and Ryan when they tend to belittle her, even though Ryan was never shown belittling her as well which only meant that he couldn’t have been as mean as Sharpay was towards her or he wasn’t mean to her at all.

Vote on this High School Musical poll: Is troy nd gabriella still dating in real life? ().

She is played by Vanessa Hudgens. Contents Biography High School Musical Extraordinarily beautiful and academically gifted, she meets Troy at a lodge during their winter vacation and are forced to sing in the new year’s eve party at the Ski Mountain Resort. They instantly feel a connection with one another and as fate would have they end up attending the same school, where their relationship blossoms from mutual puppy crushes to a passionate romance set to last for years to come.

Although the two may have rough patches here and there, they love each other very much. High School Musical 2 By the end of the school year Gabriella and Troy are still dating Troy eventually decides to look for a summer job to gain money for college. The Evans twins plan to spend the summer at their family’s country club, Lava Springs, but Sharpay’s summer plans also include pursuing Troy, whom she has arranged to be hired at the club.

However, Troy convinces the club’s manager, Mr.

High School Musical Dress Up Game

The movie is expected to check back in on Troy Bolton Zac Efron , Gabriella Montez Vanessa Hudgens and the gang who are all grown-up, on what they were up to after high school. Ashley Tisdale has already said that she will not be reprising her role as Sharpay Evans—Gabriella’s rival both on stage and in love—in “High School Musical 4. These fuelled reports that Swift will play the love interest of Troy in “High School Musical 4,” which might sound a bit unlikely.

The reports about the dating part itself are already sketchy.

Also Gabriella wanted to get marry with troy but troy said no because Gabrielle was hiding secrates from tr oy. Is troy and Gabriella still together? yes, they are and no dates of their.

After being forced by their parents to attend the New Year’s Eve party, they are pulled up on stage by a DJ to sing karaoke. It is clear that Gabriella is petrified, but after Troy begins singing, she appears to change her mind and decides to sing Start of Something New with him. Troy and Gabriella singing “Start of Something New”.

They seem to have a great time, and they proceed to spend the rest of the night together, all the way up until the fireworks at midnight. Troy and Gabriella watching the fireworks. They both consider the New Year’s tradition of kissing someone as the clock strikes twelve, but Gabriella is shy and hurriedly makes an excuse to leave. Nevertheless, the pair exchange phone numbers before going their separate ways. This leaves Troy without his pride.

Upon moving to New Mexico after winter vacation ends, Gabriella is surprised to find that the school she has just transferred to, East High School, is the same school Troy attends. Troy and Gabriella meet for the second time. In an attempt to confirm her identity, Troy calls her phone during homeroom, getting them both detention but verifying that the girl he thought he recognized is actually her.

Vanessa Hudgens Has Revealed The Real Reason That Her And Zac Efron Broke Up

Troy Bolton is still dating Gabriella Montez, who decides to stay in Albuquerque with her mother. Troy eventually decides to look for a summer job to gain money for college. Sharpay and Ryan Evans plan to spend part of the summer at their family’s country club, Lava Springs “Fabulous” , but Sharpay’s summer plans also include pursuing Troy, whom she has arranged to be hired at the club.

However, Troy convinces the club’s manager, Mr. Fulton, into hiring Gabriella and their close group of friends as well; including Taylor and Chad. Sharpay is enraged upon learning that Gabriella is working as one of the lifeguards, but is unable to get her fired.

High School Musical 2 is the second film in the High School Musical series. The World Premiere took place on August 14, , Troy Bolton is still dating Gabriella Montez, who decides to stay in Albuquerque with her mother. Troy eventually decides to look for a summer job to gain money for college.

The talented kids of East High are back in a music-filled summer where they learn important lessons about following their dreams and being true to themselves. This, along with the anticipation of a quickly-approaching summer vacation, makes even the last class of the year with drama teacher Ms. Knowing the gang is looking for summer jobs, Sharpay convinces her family to hire Troy at the country club they own, run by the hapless Mr.

When Fulton hires all of Troy’s friends as well, Sharpay demands that he promote Troy while doing his best to make the rest of the group miserable enough to quit. The resulting actions drive Troy further from his friends and Gabriella, even as they open doors for his future he didn’t imagine were possible. Meanwhile, the East High group vows to unseat Sharpay as the reigning queen of the club’s annual end-of-summer talent show.

And with the talent show looming and the East High gang in need of a director, Ryan Evans must decide where his loyalties lie. Between the press surrounding this made-for-TV film and its sequel and the popularity of its stars in the “tween” circuit, younger kids will definitely want to see this movie. TV-G Presumably for not containing anything to warrant a higher rating. Despite the outward perception that Troy is perfect, he is all too human.

Grappling with the pressure of having a senior sports season good enough to get a scholarship to pay for college, Troy proves an easy victim of Sharpay’s scheme to drive him away from Gabriella and his friends.

I’m Still Trying To ID Troy Aikman’s Girlfriend

Darren Franich October 24, at Tell me, oh muse, of that lost golden era, of new hope looking forward to the future that would never end. The opening title flares on screen, five words nestled into a giant 3. That director, Kenny Ortega , generated lots of playful choreography. Songwriter David Lawrence crafted pop tunes with an old-fashioned wink, piling trendy Auto-Tuney warbling atop occasional piano glissandi.

And the story was a demographic dream.

Gabriella Montez is the female protagonist of the High School Musical trilogy and the girlfriend to Troy Bolton. She is played by Vanessa Hudgens. By the end of the school year Gabriella and Troy are still dating Troy eventually decides to look for a summer job to gain money for college. As the film ends, Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan.

As MTV News reports, the two characters met is troy still dating gabriella winter break at a ski lodge, where they wound up singing a karaoke duet, “Start of Something New. As MTV News reports, the two characters met during winter break at a ski lodge, where they wound up singing a karaoke duet, “Start of Something New. Disney Channel has yet is troy still dating gabriella announce the official release date of.

Disney Channel has yet to announce the official release date of. Is troy and gabriella still dating Meanwhile, Efron has yet to confirm if he is planning to reprise his role as East High School basketball varsity captain Troy Bolton. They are apparently only sill for cameo. Is troy still dating gabriella Been is troy still dating gabriella This can be heard on his or her behalf and plead for her to return to their home while travelling.

They called themselves Gogumas. Later, all the Wildcats go to watch the is troy still dating gabriella on the golf course and, as their friends dance around in the sprinklers, Troy and Gabriella share their first kiss, boyfriend and girlfriend once again.

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Her and troy are probably the cutest couple ever. I was so happy in the ending of the 2nd movie when she came back. I knew she was never really gonna give up on him. This song is probably my favorite song of all three movies its just so emotional.

Troy and Gabriella would be 26 or 27 years old today, which is seriously MIND-BLOWING. In real life, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens met on the set of High School Musical in , began dating some.

In the end though, she helps with the plan of getting Troy and Gabriella to the callbacks on time. Though she appears significantly less then the other main cast members, she is still very much considered a main character. Taylor, impressed and delighted to have a worthy potencial member on her hands, tries to get Gabriella to join the team to beat thier rivals in West High. While doing so she shows Gabriella the ropes in East High, and the two become best friends.

But once Taylor hears of Gabriella trying out for the school play, she and Chad devise a plan to break Troy and Gabriella up. When the plan is a success, she realizes how heartbroken she has left Gabriella and apologizes while confessing for what she did.

Troy and Gabriella – Gotta Go My Own Way High School Musical 2 HD

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