Squier & Fender Identification websites

Squier & Fender Identification websites

Totally legit looking stuff! Where are the human noses? You’d be lucky if it even functioned at all. While both tropes are about poorly made substitutes, that trope is with the genuine hope of making up for the thing being substituted. This trope is about just plain old ripping you off. Compare Bland-Name Product to show a popular product in a show without stepping on trademarks , The Mockbuster the equivalent with works of art or entertainment , and Unlicensed Game an index of Shoddy Knockoff Video Games that have their own pages. Contrast Follow the Leader there is a clear influence, but it’s not trying to make you think it’s the actual work it’s following , Serial Numbers Filed Off it’s almost the same thing as another, but at the very least changes anything copyrighted by someone else , Effective Knockoff when the knockoff is more competent.

Dog Gone Knit: Grr. Not brr.

Totally legit looking stuff! Where are the human noses? You’d be lucky if it even functioned at all.

Jul 31,  · Hi everyone, Can you please help me out, im searching for hours, but cant find info thats sure. So im thinking to buy a squier, something series, i cant read it .

This is one of the most frustrating questions from the MIJ collector. People often make the mistake of citing the American or European importer as the ‘maker’ of the guitar, when in fact several Japanese manufacturers were producing badged guitars out of their plants and shipping them to America and Europe to sell.

Japanese manufacturers made multiple badges at the same plant, many of whom resemble each other closely. Some manufacturers merged or changed hands over the years which added to the confusion, sometime merging with another maker, only to pick up their name later. In some cases a manufacturer would farm out production to various manufacturers, making it still more difficult to know who made the guitar in your hands. Parts from other guitars would be used in the making of a particular badge for a period of time because it was all the manufacturer had to hand And sometimes, the guitar which is supposed to be an MIJ guitar is actually made elsewhere Korea, Indonesia because production was moved during this period in history.

This page is a work in progress and as new information is revealed it will be added to the list. But I can’t do this alone, folks. See a guitar not listed? In some cases I won’t know because the badge you have may be extremely rare and virtually unknown to even seasoned collectors.

Shoddy Knockoff Product

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Find out how to get your instrument serviced or repaired at an Authorized Service Center in the US or Canada. PRODUCT REGISTRATION To assist us in better serving our customers, please take a minute to register your Fender products.

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Japanese Manufacturers of Made in Japan Badged Electric Guitars From 1960 to 1980

This article may help, as far as i can establish and like Steelskin said yours is probably a model. Serial number tracing As follows is an approximate method in which Squier dates the serial numbers of manufactured instruments Japanese Squiers For Japanese Squier serial number dating, see Fender’s serial number dating service. For example “MN8” indicates that it was made at Ensenada, Mexico in USA Squiers were made for less than a year spanning and before production of Squiers went back to Mexico.

Squier is Fender-sharing its product platforms, trademarks, standards and iconic designs. Squier is the launching pad for beginners, pointing intermediate and advancing guitarists toward their ultimate goal-owning a Fender!

Pflugerville, TX danny hare said: Not unless there is a stamp on the heel of the neck you’ll have to take it off to find that. Fender doesn’t have detailed records on anything prior to That’s why a lot of even more recent guitars you can only narrow it down to a year or two range, because sometimes months pass between when a neck is made and when it is assembled onto a body to make a complete guitar.

As I understand it, Fender builds necks and bodies in big batches on separate assembly lines, then those parts go into storage until needed by the main assembly line where complete guitars are put together. Serial numbers are applied to the necks when they are made, not when they are assembled onto a body. Bodies are not serialized or reliably dated, they usually only have a bar code tag with the part number.

When they need more of a certain type of neck 21 or 22 fret, maple or rosewood fingerboard, different headstock decal, etc they grab a container of them out of storage. Depending on their production schedules, often the necks and bodies are not even used in the order they were made.

Japanese Manufacturers of Made in Japan Badged Electric Guitars From 1960 to 1980

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For Service Centers in Canada The FMIC Dealer from whom the product was purchased should be your first point of contact, should service be required. In the event that you have moved or are out of the area where the product was originally purchased, please contact a local Canadian Service Center.

Portland, TN What you have is kind of a ‘leftover’, but in a very good way. These guitars came in ‘Bullet Series ’93,’94, ’95[? The earliest ones CY were labeled with two digit years. Sometime in the early s they switched to the o2 digit years. Transitional times can be a mixture. I have not seen a CY with a unmarked headstock model. I suspect it was an Affinity with the Affinity Series sanded off, but The NC, YN models all have 8 hole pickguards, 22 frets, full size solid wood bodies, and pretty nice ceramic pickups.

Even though you have a fret neck, I suspect it is 42mm at the nut, a change from the Yours would be a ‘ descendant’ of the YN line with the maple fretboard. All NC’s have rosewood fretboards.

Dog Gone Knit: Grr. Not brr.


In , Fender has transitioned the numbering scheme again with the new serial number starting with “JD” followed by an eight-digit number with “Made in Japan” decals. If your serial number starts with “JD” followed by an eight-digit number, the first two digits designates the year of manufacture.


Gibson Serial Numbers – 1977 to Present

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