Telefonica grabs Jasper cloud to hook up British vending machines

Telefonica grabs Jasper cloud to hook up British vending machines

Machine to machine is already an important market for network operators, but it’s going to get much more important as embedded intelligence grows. O2 is the brand under which Telefonica runs its UK network, and this deal is exclusive so anyone developing in Jasper’s APIs will be locked to the O2 network, but given the utility of that API it’s not all bad news as long as you’re happy to be dependent on cellular infrastructure for your connectivity. We put it to O2 that, given an embedded module might be expected to operate for a decade or two, it might seem unwise to depend on the 2G infrastructure which is necessary for national coverage. O2 assured us that its 2G network would be running “for a long time to come” and that alternatives might not be so long lived. We asked specifically about White Space, which is being promoted notably by Neul as the perfect solution for M2M applications, but Jasper who only connect to cellular networks points out that even if Neul’s evolving Weightless specification gets deployed companies will want international solutions to gain from mass production, and that means GSM of some sort. GSM is far from perfect for M2M, the signalling overhead is massive for low levels of data, consuming lots of power and requiring specialist processing modules which themselves drive up the cost of the embedded module. But cellular networks do exist, today, which is a significant plus. The alternative is to use wi-fi or even a plug, and piggyback on the end-users’ existing broadband connection, but that’s fraught with enough complexity to push companies to use cellular for everything from vending machines to photocopiers.

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Reconnect to your Pi and make sure everything is up to date: Doesn’t require moving a large image file around. Can get complicated and difficult to troubleshoot; the issue is that Raspbian Jessie is too new of an operating system version and Jasper for Raspbian Jessie is neither well-documented nor well-supported.

The Cropsey Maniac. The name CROPSEY is most commonly heard being whispered around the campfires of boy scouts, or in bunk beds of Jewish Sleepaway campers, up and down the Hudson Valley.

We’re self-contained and don’t use the facilities except for an occasional shower. We stayed for a week in early August in our 8 metre 25 foot MH. This is a very nice, primitive no hookups campground quite conveniently located to Jasper, Miette Hot Springs and Maligne Canyon. There are 63 sites in the CG, all first come, first served. A few are on the river with nice views. There are pit toilets throughout.

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Script Extensions Scripting ReportServer comes with a scripting interface that allows to tweak and adapt ReportServer to exactly fit your needs. ReportServer scripts written in Groovy can plug into and adapt almost any functionality provided by ReportServer. With ReportServer scripts you can, for example, add custom output formats for the various reporting engines. For further information on scripting have a look at the ReportServer scripting guide. Integration A reporting solution must be integrated the IT structure of a company.

As much as we would like that such an integration task can be done at the touch of a button we know that every IT environment is unique. To allow a seamless integration into your IT setup ReportServer can be extended easily with a few lines of code to provide exactly the integration that you were looking for. Whether you want to setup ReportServer to authenticate users against an active directory, to implement a custom single-sign on solution, integrate ReportServer into your monitoring solution or use ReportServer as a data generator e.

ReportServer scripting provides the means to achieve almost any type of integration. But what if, you wanted to integrate ReportServer into an existing authentication solution? For example, if you wanted to authenticate your users against an existing Active Directory, or implement a single-sign-on solution? ReportServer scripting allows you to do just that.

ReportServer scripts can plug into the authentication mechanism and replace it with whatever best suits your needs.

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Camping is only permitted at designated campsites Vehicles and tents must be within your designated site and on the tent pad A maximum of three “units” and six people are permitted on each site A unit is a vehicle, RV, trailer or tent Only one RV or trailer is allowed per site Do not tie anything to the trees, including tarps. Refer to the ‘Bare’ Campsite program for more information. Quiet hours We work hard to ensure that visitors get a good night’s sleep.

It is for this reason that quiet hours are in effect daily.

Images of Jasper and Horace from the Dalmatians franchise.

Electrode labeling[ edit ] Each electrode placement site has a letter to identify the lobe , or area of the brain it is reading from: There are also Z sites: These electrodes will not necessarily reflect or amplify lateral hemispheric cortical activity as they are placed over the corpus callosum , and do not represent either hemisphere adequately hemispheric laterality. Note that the required number of EEG electrodes, and their careful, measured placement, increases with each clinical requirement and modality.

Even numbered electrodes 2,4,6,8 refer to electrode placement on the right side of the head, whereas odd numbers 1,3,5,7 refer to those on the left; this applies to both EEG and EOG electrooculogram measurements of eyes electrodes, as well as ECG electrocardiography measurements of the heart electrode placement. Chin, or EMG electromyelogram electrodes are more commonly just referred to with “right,” “left,” and “reference,” or “common,” as there are usually only three placed, and they can be differentially referenced from the EEG and EOG reference sites.

The “A” sometimes referred to as “M” for mastoid process refers to the prominent bone process usually found just behind the outer ear less prominent in children and some adults. Measurement[ edit ] Specific anatomical landmarks are used for the essential measuring and positioning of the EEG electrodes. These are found with a tape measure, and often marked with a grease pencil, or “China marker.

Preauricular to preauricular or tragus to tragus: The preauricural point is in front of each ear, and can be more easily located with mild palpation, and if necessary, requesting patient to open mouth slightly. Skull circumference is measured just above the ears T3 and T4 , just above the bridge of the nose at Fpz , and just above the occipital point at Oz.

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They range from primitive with just vault toilets, no water and no designated sites to developed with electric and water hook-ups for RV camping. Payment for all first come, first served sites can be made at the self-pay stations, which accept cash or checks only. You’ll need the correct fee as no change is available at campgrounds or ranger stations. Visit the Camping Rules page for specifics on how to make your trip safe and enjoyable! Camping fees are charged during the season March 15 through November 14 when water is available.

Camping fees are not charged November 15 through March 14 when flush restrooms and water systems are shutdown. View of walk-in tent campsites at Steel Creek. The tent campground has 26 campsites and the horse campground has 14 sites. Each site has a picnic table, fire ring, and lantern hook provided. The campground is open year round on a first come, first served basis. The flush restroom and water system in the tent campground and at the Steel Creek launch will be closed November 15 to March 14 and no fees are charged during this time.

The vault toilet in the tent campground will be open but with very limited servicing during the winter.


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